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With more than 30 years of industry expertise in the paint, lacquer, printing ink, and adhesives industries, we combine existing experience and technology knowledge with modern information tools to bring greater effectiveness and simplification to business processes.

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Prof. Hubert Culik
— I have come to know TMC Technology & Marketing Consulting under the leadership of Frank Kother as a reliable, competent and fast-acting partner. When it comes to topics such as raw material consolidation, selection of alternative raw materials and formulation optimization, TMC has the right support. When it comes to setting up modular production, TMC has special, specific know-how.

Prof. Hubert Culik / Kansai Helios Coatings GmbH

Dr. Radosław Adamek
— We already have several years of fruitful collaboration with a German company TMC GmbH behind us. They are dealing in the optimization of manufacturing and services based on recipes for paint, varnish, printing ink and glue industry.

Together with Mr. Frank Kother we’re giving lectures as a part of postgraduate studies for the chemical sector – Varnished Products: Technology and Applications, which are offered by the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology at the Cracow University of Technology.

Our cooperation with TMC GmbH also extends to the field of business. Their specialists help us with the implementation of many technologies for our Customers, such as inliner technologies – especially in the area of printing, decorative and industrial inks. Our work consists of two stages: first, in the TMC GmbH laboratory, and then at ICHEMAD – Profarb, where production tests are being carried out. This way we can offer our customers the best solutions, because each and every machine will work at peak performance when powered with production technology.

Dr. Radosław Adamek / ICHEMAD-Profarb sp. z o.o.

Dr. Isolde Bachert
— Mr. Kother has an ideal combination of raw material knowledge and knowledge of manufacturing processes in the field of paints/lacquers, which he brings to our modularization project. With specific raw material/supplier recommendations, we were able to identify significant savings and develop universal modules after a short period of time. His broad process engineering expertise is essential for us to create an optimized production concept. With his winning personality, Mr. Kother also succeeds in picking up employees from different work levels and functional areas in such a way that those involved are happy to adopt new perspectives and implement new ways of working.

Dr. Isolde Bachert / Follmann GmbH & Co. KG

Pierangelo Zobbio
— Estalia Performance Coatings S.p.A. is an Italian company that operates on the market with the Franchi & Kim and Damiani brands, leaders on the market for the production of water and solvent based products for industry, software and industrial tinting solutions. Thanks to the close collaboration with Frank Kother, Estalia Performance Coatings has developed an innovative modular production system for epoxy and polyacrylic products. Such innovative production method allows the rationalization of the production phases by simplifying the complexities of the single formulations standardizing them into modules which, depending on the different combination methods, allow the realization of different kind of product.

Pierangelo Zobbio / Estalia Performance Coatings S.p.A