5 years TMC

5 years TMC
Tuesday, February 1, 2022  /  Frank Kother  /  #Celebration , #Future

This week I had the chance to meet a former colleague who has also made a move from corporate life to the midmarket. A lot reminded me of the time exactly five years ago; it was icy water I was swimming in. And I am probably one of the few who congratulated him on this decision.

As of 2/1/2022, the TMC has now been in existence for five years. After a challenging start, the focus on recipe analysis, raw material consolidation, and the development of modular concepts quickly followed. Today, the entire process chain of modularization is offered.

The establishment of an in-house laboratory and supplier independence is key to offering coating, ink, and adhesive manufacturers a timely transition to flexible modular concepts. As a result, many of the team’s tasks have been related to novel raw materials and processes. TMC became the partner for novel technologies to be tested in coatings and inks to meet market needs. The access to new market trends and developments provides realistic market-oriented testing of the materials and market-oriented support of the product development.

For me, therefore, it has been an exciting five years that I would not want to miss. The knowledge of our team, which now has several members, is growing, especially through the work with groups that want to move into the future by taking an external look at their processes and products.